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Subject Matter Expert: Direct Mail production management, Customer Service, workflow, costing, postal logistics, planning, purchasing, sourcing and supplier management optimization.

Employing a unique and holistic methodology:

To maximize

cost efficiency, quality

and Customer Service

while enhancing staffing utilization and

Customer satisfaction.

Direct Mail and Commercial Print

About Optimized Veteran, LLC

Optimized Veteran's service offerings are the result of Bob Stack's 27+ years nationwide work experience in

Direct Mail and Commercial Print management, planning, sourcing and execution. 

Leadership, dedication and structure are values taught to me, at an early age, due to a family tradition of service and my years in the U.S. Army.  My grandfather Hansel Shipp served in WWII and was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart; my father Robert Stack retired as a Sergeant Major in the Infantry branch; my brother Hansel Stack was a Captain in the Field Artillery branch; Bob Stack's U.S. Army service information is provided at end of this section.

As a long term veteran of the Marketing Industry and having held senior level production management and/or sourcing positions in eight marketing related organizations, from boutique to large entities, servicing Clients in the entertainment, financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications and travel verticals.  Bob has acquired a unique and practicable skill set that results in Clients acquiring the lowest sustainable cost structure - balanced with schedule, quality, service and efficient staffing utilization.

Experience has taught me that in order to maximize and ensure sustainable cost saves while mitigating disruption to the Organization - A "Holistic Approach" is recommended. Ideally, this requires establishing mutually beneficial working relationships, while managing limitations, expectations and assumptions - Within the Client's organization and with outside Agencies and Suppliers. 

Bob's first-hand experience with Direct Marketing related workflow mapping for staffing resource alignment, streamlining processes and software implementations AND practicable knowledge of AGENCY  compensation models, operations, creative/copy development, data services, account management and CORPORATE compliance, data security and privacy, procurement, sourcing, marketing and production SUPPLIER cost drivers, processes, capabilities, technology, methodologies, timelines and culture - facilitates acquisition of sustainable cost saves.

Nationwide business experience - Bob's work & residence locations with restaurant & food recommendation by city:

Direct Marketing Veteran

Work Experience Summary:  

>Managing Annual Spends of $48MM 

    to $72MM, 14 years

>BPO/Print Management/Broker

    environments, 6 + years

>Marketing/Advertising Agency 

    environments, 17 + years

>New Business Development and Sales 

    support, 12 + years

>Production Supplier environments,

      5 + years

End User Companies I've Worked on Behalf of:

  *Listing is intended to convey general information about my work experience and is NOT to be construed as an endorsement of or imply a current relationship with Optimized Veteran by any of the above-named Companies. 

Military Veteran

Duty Stations:

>Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands

     84thEngineer Battalion

>Fort Carson, Colorado

      4th Infantry Division

>Fort Richardson, Alaska

      172nd Infantry Brigade

Contact Information:  Bob Stack, Phone (847) 420-9180, Email Bob.Stack@OptVeteran.com


Contact Information:  Bob Stack, Phone (847) 420-9180, Email Bob.Stack@OptVeteran.com

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Please contact Bob Stack for additional information and/or a meeting.

Email - Bob.Stack@OptVeteran.com

Mobile - Call/Text (847) 420-9180

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